25 May

Ha, I’m so relieved, Hanim secured a job at Pasir Gudang too. yeaaa~.. Maybe in 2 months time, I would cucuk my mother to let me rent a house at PG with Hanim. 45km is not a big deal, but the traffic jam at various places along the way to work seems hazardous to my health. hehehe..

kenapa son-in-law jiran aku nih bongek sgt? bakar kertas hujan2 gerimis, kalau berapi takpe, ini berasap2, sampai satu kampung kena tutup tingkap.

I am capable of cooking cepat2. I’ve master the skills since 2 month ago. At this moment, I am still sitting in front of pc, updating my blog with no news. I can’t wait for next week. Yes, I am going to be an engineer.

Am going to open a RHB account this evening. Jom?

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Posted by on May 25, 2005 in crash and burn


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