TheNew Panas* QA Engineer

01 Jun

I only started my orientation today, only after 2 days of working. For last 2 days, the working enviroment was ok.. Cool, I might say. with a 17″ flat LCD TV on my table, together with kind of latest dvd player (not for Malaysia market), various numbers of CDs, including DVDs, MP3s and audio CDs. I work with them, from now on. The DVD players for overseas market are cool and soo~ canggih, I tell you.

I attended many classes today, and will do the same tomorrow. I can barely opened up my eyes during the briefing. SGT BOSAN. Did a test to ukur tahap kecekapan mengira. GILA! hahahhaha semua congak.. Senang tapi kena compete dgn masa. addition of 2 single digits, in less than 30 seconds, siapkan almost 120 questions. Itu baru sebaris, ada berpuluh baris. And it lasted for 45 minutes. It is called psychodiagnostic test. eheh.. psycho psycho.. mmg saiko beb.

My day starts at 5.15am, and I’ll golek2 on the katil until 5.30am or the tahrim for Subuh started. 6.30am, I am already on the road, to avoid traffic jam(s) at Skudai, highway PG, Tmn Rinting and especially for the car parks!! For 3 consecutive days, I tried all different routes to come home. And I find them all semua sama je jaraknya. Jimat 2km lalu highway PLUS but has to pay RM2.10 for the toll. Tak berbaloi. Jimat 5km using Tmn Impian Emas route, but has to bear with traffic jam at Tmn Tun Aminah U-turn. I think I’ll choose fly-over Perling after this, though I have to u-turn at Angsana to avoid Perling traffic light, but no traffic jam. On the first day, my mileage ticked to 100km when I reached home. With a good calculation, today it has add up to 300km. Penat? Oh yes.

The senior members helped me a lot. I made new friends, smiled, and I ‘Hi’ them in the morning.

Nadia, me and my new collegue (spelling?), will see you this Saturday. hahaha.. ‘m getting used to your real name. 😛

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