FAQs.. :P

09 Jun

1.what made you happy this week?
i madede new friends at work

2.what made you sad this week?
takde. i have positive and happy thoughts on everything lately.. hahaha

3.has someone/somebody make u happy lately?
yep, he came into my dreams.. hehehhe are you feeling at the moment?

6.are you the type of person who easily gets angry?
i dont think so you cry?
yes, for sure

8.have you ever been to a point in your life that you’ve thought about giving up?
oh yes, but i managed not to give up. alhamdulillah.

9. the last movie you watched?
Star Wars. ROTH (2x)

10. with who?
1st time with Meno, and Aizec for the 2nd time.

11. the last song you heard?
ntah. tadi dlm kete balik keja.

12. the last thing you bought?
strawberry yogurt and bun ikan bilis.

13. the last place you went?
Pasir Gudang

14. the last food you ate ?
nasi with ikan masak kicap.

15. the last thing you heard from your parents?
“Jalan baik-baik”

16. the last thing you said to your parent?
“Ayah, tadi Amir amik kunci kete Tuty sekali eh?”

17. the last thing you said to one of your friend?
“Bye.. See you esok”

18. the last thing you read?

19. the last person you called?

20. the last person who called you?

21. the last person who msg you?

22. the last person who said you’re pretty / handsome?
Chloe!! hahah

23. the last person who gave you a testimonial?

24. the last person who messaged you in ym?

25. the last person/s you’re with?

26. the last person you kissed goodnight?
adik lagi

27. the last person you kicked?
I only kick Aizec. I miss him and kicking him!

28. the last person you think of before going to sleep?
Refer jawapan utk soalan 19, 20 dan 27.

29. the last thing you’re goin to do before going to sleep?
Recite Basmallah, kalau sempat, baca ayat Kursi..

30. the last time you went clubbing?

31. What song are you listening to now?
NG– hahahha

32.handphone brand?

33.wat wud u do if sumone tells u he/she likes u?
i like you too.. actually the exact sentence would be, “alaaahh, aku pun suka kat kau!”

34.where do u live?

35. what can’t you live w/out?

36. Who are you thinking of right at this moment?
mama. she’s in KL.

37. what do you want most?
happiness and satisfaction in life.

38. what would best describe you?
F1 racer in the morning(6.30am) . Rally driver in the evening(6.30pm).

39. who do you hate?
dah takde dah

40. what are you most looking forward to?
Tunggu Aizec balik kerja kat Johor. End of this year, maybe.

aku amik dr buletin board yg kau post. eheh 🙂

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