the puzzle that made me stress-less

21 Jun

I tested Ajek’s new baby – his newly built wireless network at home. People at Pasir Gudang now can use wireless technology, thanks to Ajek. He hasn’t install any firewall or security system, or whatever you call them. Go to Bukit Dahlia now! Get free access. Don’t forget to bring a tall glass of milo kaw kaw.

Having him around for these 3 days is awesome. I have enough sleep. I didn’t wake up in the middle of the night again. I can sleep easily. I smile a lot. I find myself jumpy. And eat a lot, too.

I have to replace a collegue for a stress management course today. I think she thought that the course would be boring so that was why she didn’t want to go. But, the course was interesting and I didn’t feel sleepy at all for the whole day. And I hope for tomorrow too. The instructor is a funny, short and cute guy. He’s old.

For ice-breaking session we have to solve a silly (supposed to be easy) puzzle in a group. Each group had different type of puzzle, where we would change place and solve other groups’ puzzles when the time is up. The puzzle for my group is actually targeted for aged 6 and above. Unluckily, a classroom of 26 university graduates couldn’t solve it. Not one of us. I had the courage to ask a permission to borrow the set, and promise to return it back to him tomorrow. Lo, Gan and I, tried again in our office before going back, even scanned and printed the puzzle. I brought the puzzle to Daus, Ajek’s brother, the future doctor to solve it. He failed, just like the rest of us engineers.

“kak Tuty, ni utk budak2 kan. Cuba kita fikir mcm budak2”
Still.. we failed.

I reached home.

“adik, cuba adik buat ni”
half an hour later..
“adik, dapat tak?”

she seemed stressful. hahahhaha..

“takpe la dik. Gi tido hi. esok sekolah”

Other than the puzzle, the course for today was relaxing. Even teach how to relax, mind and body. He had given us a kind of sticker to measure stress level in our body. I had a moderate level of stress in the morning (green-bronze), low level in the evening when the course ended for today(green-blue), and totally calm(blue) when I reached Ajek’s place.

There’ll be a plant shutdown on this 1st of July. I am planning to go out and shopping. I hope that MBA-student friend of mine could spend the time with me. hehehhehe.. 🙂 I wanna buy new shoes, darling. With my first hard(?) earned gaji. yeayyyy~!

Ajek will going back to Subang this Thursday. hmmmmm..

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