12 Jul

1. Myself :
* I do not behave like what 24-year-old lady should. Always jumping around and sometimes I think I am so childish.. sigh..

2. Wisdom :
* I learned about it everyday.. especially during this period of time. Been in the ‘dark side’ for the past year had change me a lot to someone who wasn’t me. Think positive, I’d say to myself everyday.

3. Regrets :
* I used to regret that I took EE for my degree and couldn’t finish it on time. Tapi semua kejadian tu ada hikmahnya.

4. Family :
* Parents, 3 brothers and another 2 sisters. I’m the eldest, that make me a very very fierce person when they leave the mess.

5. Films :
* I love cartoons so much.

6. Faith :
* Alhamdulillah I’m Muslimah.

7. Friends :
* I tried to befriend every person I met. But most of them don’t match my tuned frequency. I’m grateful I have lovely ladies to be my friends here in JB.

5. Ideas :
* Most of my ideas are not suitable

Tag, eh? I really want to tag Nanad. hahha


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Posted by on July 12, 2005 in crash and burn


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