21 Jul

I attended two 2-day courses in 4 days, and I find it quite exhausting for me. The first course was about some technical and calculations I need to know eventhough I may not using it in my daily work. It was ok and ermmm.. boring! The second one is development skill program for executive. My first thought on this course was, “this course is gonna be boring gile babi” after I read the brief content. (I was nominated, not volunteered to attend this course, ok?)

tapi.. best gila.

The instructor is a very informative and resourceful. I do not know how he could absorb everything all around him and memorize them easily. He knows technology, politics, culture, economics, religion and all. He learned everything. He is specialized in HandWriting Analysis. Also gave us a tip on how to detect your spouse is lying or not. Dude, does it sound scary to YOU?

Since I am very active participant in that classroom (surprisingly!), he picked me and did a free consultation based on my handwriting. He described me, my thinking style, how I react on some occasions and so on (which I won’t tell the world here).. I may rate him 9 of 10 of his accuracy.

One of my sikap, or habit is, I am the kind of person who need a lot of encouragement. I agree with this. I may not want to admit this if he told me 4 years ago. During my ‘critical and difficult’ time in university, I discovered many things about myself, be it negative or positive. Being an optimistic person today, I am thankful what Allah had given me yesterday. Alhamdulillah.

His advice is, be glad what you have around you. Instead of complaining, “my boyfriend does not call me”. I must say, “I have more people interested in me, other than him”. ehemmm


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Posted by on July 21, 2005 in crash and burn


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