05 Aug

everyday everytime i started to feel sleepy during office hour, slipping documents to be checked, i will tell myself..

“mlm ni aku nak tdo kul 9”

and i never succeed at it.

vitamins vitamins.. i need you. (do you know, a full plate dose of mee goreng everyday is not healthy? damn.. i didn’t knew it until i have difficulties in… ermmm.. washroom. eheh)

bersenam angkat besi berenang berlari
jagalah kesihatanmu jaga kesihatan diri
jagalah semua.. amalkan segera

(if you still remember this song..)

p/s: esok final AF. akan kupastikan aku cabut dari ofis. tepat2 jam 5.35 aku sudah kluar pintu. yeahh.. ehemm bos aku tak baca blog, aku tak kisah.

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Posted by on August 5, 2005 in crash and burn


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