16 Aug

JB had musim hujan right now. and i think it made my english so kelam kabut. In other parts in the world, they speak english well or ok-ok. But in my kilang, they made the broken english sound so funny. Yes I must admit I cannot tahan myself giggling during meeting or reading the notice boards. Damn.. like my english is so bagus. see, my english is bagus, kan? hahahhahaha

phrase like, “he will be left us soon” is widely used.

every sentence must has ‘be’ inside it.. like, instead of “that is your responsibility to take care of this and that”, it became “you must be lesponsibility of what you doing”..

i work so hard to understand the bosses, really! spelling mistakes? they are great.

i have one ‘senior’ anak buah. maybe she thought that it is so hard to spell ‘panel’, she wrote ‘panale’. clearly, i face difficulties in understanding the documents she prepared. and, because she is SO SENIOR, she thinks that she is great and i am dumb because i couldn’t understand the documents. ahaa ok.. look who said ‘waterjump’ instead of ‘waterfall’.

bad weather, bad traffic. i reached home 30 minutes late, took JB route after listening to ERA, that said there was a something something bad happen at Perling. As soon as i reached home, texted a collegue whose house is in Tampoi (30km from kilang, my house is 50km), what time did she reach home. she replied, “tak sampai lagi! lalu kat larkin jam gila, banjir, traffic light tak function, agaknya ribut petir kat sini tadi”. then i replied, “laa ye ke.. bawak2 bersabar la ye”.

“kalau jalan kaki dah boleh sampai dah”

and i still do not know what time she reached home.

hello nadia,
i have date with you tmorrow night after your class, miss. hahahha might spill some news for ya. it is good news but i cannot handle it myself. too good to be true. seriously, i need to see you.

tuty dalam mode pening-pening lalat.

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Posted by on August 16, 2005 in crash and burn


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