i don’t feel like it

09 Sep

I did not know what had I done, but I had gave a very very very good impression to my superiors. It is supposed to be great, but I am not.

There are 2 groups in my office, A and B. Currently I am in B. A is having a problem because they do not have enough engineer to support the team, meanwhile 8 engineers gathered happily in B. I am happy with B despite the one snobbish spinster techinician in my group. Since one of the engineer of A is going to leave the company (read: quit), one of us in B shall move to A. Tolonglah, if asked 1000 times pun, no one raise his hand and volunteer to join A.


They aimed at 2 person, me and another guy. But since he could speak and write Japanese, he’s excluded. And my leader don’t want to release me (kononnya I am a detailed person, she needs me). So, I am excluded also. At this moment, I am soooooooooo relieved. everything is good until..

they offered the position to another member. she refused to accept. mcmlah tak ada org lain. they chose me. and i cannot refuse. and i must join them. this is sooooooooooooo unfair. the chinese can reject and why can’t i do the same?

ohh because..
“i think you are the best choice”
“you’re good at management”

pujilah aku sebakul pun, i am not happy!

“your chance to perform is higher at A”
i am not interested with ass licking ok. as long as i am happy with my work is fine with me!

A job scope is tougher. one point. but i can learn. ok.

B job scope is wide, and working with small small semut and kuman you can see. i like it.

the reasons i am reluctant to join A are..
they are unfair.
i am the second choice and i cannot reject the offer.
i dislike my boss and A team leader.
they are super-licious ass licking.


If you’re given the opportunity to join that group, would u accept it?

Eh, I cannot answer that. It’s up to you. It’s your decision.

Tanya je laa..

hmmm.. at the first place, is that a opportunity?

oh boy, you are so right!

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Posted by on September 9, 2005 in crash and burn


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