29 Sep

Did i tell you that I have to do a presentation on one of last year’s AV model in order to get my confirmation letter? I did that last week. At first I was quite confident with my never-ending preparations (and perspirations) for the presentation, text ready, the set in front of me, notes ready.. ok GO~!

Too bad, my english was terabur tak tentu arah. OH yes, padan muka aku! Tu la selalu sgt gelakkan makcik makcik dlm office tu berlagak berhabuk-habuk. hahahha seb baik yg menilai aku pun antara makcik-makcik tu, so kira luluslah. 😛

i went to the promotional sale that now going on at the kilang. Murah 10% je dari harga luar. So takde la murah sgt. Aku tak berminat pun nak beli. kalau ada org beli pun sbb keperluan mcm cordless phone. Boleh la tahan. Tapi masa aku pergi tu ramai sgt org tgk home AV punya barang (ye la, kitorg yg design dan produce so mcm nak tgk market la kononnya :P), aku pun merayap la tmpt jual hair dryer, blender, vacuum cleaner.. Pastu kan, nasib baik aku tak de duit dlm poket. kalau tak aku nak beli ‘eye lash curler with ionizer’ dgn epilator. nasibbbbbb baik takde duit. kalau tak aku sure pergi beli menda jadah tak berfaedah tu. eye lash curler? aku nih biar benar. hahahha

i really miss someone out there. he came home (balik rumah dia laa) last week for a week but we did not have time to go out, even for dinner. instead we had a ‘rusuhan’ period for a few days. think back, i would really like to slap him that time. and he was so lucky that i am a slow thinker. hahahahha.. when he tried to make up, another thing came up and i went away without saying proper goodbye. the impact was quite hard on me since i waited eagerly for him to reach me here in JB and i expect him to treat me extra extra good. it wasn’t ‘bukan salah sesiapa’, it was ‘mmg kitorg dedua salah dan degil’. anyway, it served us sooo right. i miss him, he misses me, and cannot do anything about it but phone calls.

hmm.. and it is frustrating that i couldn’t utilise Skype or Yahoo Messenger with Voice even he has broadband connection at home. Time tak sama laahh.

cis.. aku konfiden je that he misses me. tsk tsk tsk

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Posted by on September 29, 2005 in crash and burn


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