tuesday was not a good day, for me.

04 Oct

I had a cranky boss early in the morning. She got me into cranky mood for all day. I do not know what was her problem but she could see everybody mistakes and carelessness. Oh, me? Triple. Because we had some problem on that particular model which I am in-charge of. That was first meeting.

On the second meeting, another bloody technician who was just upgraded to some sort of leader was showing off his taring. Dia sangat berbangga bahawa dia adalah seorang lelaki. What’s wrong with that? Nothing. But don’t tell me you don’t need your mother to give you milk, and your tunang to be your wife. Again, I do not know what was his problem until he wants to monitor all the schedule himself. Let him do!

And the third meeting. He was there too and started to menyindir. Bila tanya, dia jawab dgn mata mcm nak terkeluar sekali.

“kau ni kenapa aku tanya elok-elok kan?”

And we had an argument there and I hate to be helpless, but I couldn’t come out with a better idea. Api tak boleh dilawan dgn api. Kalahkan musuh dgn kekuatannya sendiri, pasti ada kelemahannya. Layan je ego dia yg membuak-buak tu. Iyakan je ckp dia. Girl power!

Eh? Boleh baik pulak dia? Siap mintak-mintak tolong lagi.

Tapi aku ni pandai sgt, dia kena keluar tadi. Aku tolong. Pasal aku tolong email to somebody aku kena sound dgn boss yg pagi tadi cari salah org. Tp boss kata,
“tak apa”

Lepas tu kena sound lagi dgn org lain..
“If you want to email out, pls ask me or somebody else to verify your email.”

I said “sorry”..

Continuing my on job training..

Tears dropped.

Pasal email pun nak kena supervise? Am I an engineer or operator pengeluaran? Aku kena sound pasal aku buat kerja. Org lain tak buat kerja takde benda pun?

Aku pun tak nak buat kerjalah.

Or maybe I was super-sensitive.

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Posted by on October 4, 2005 in crash and burn


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