coldplay and cooljob

14 Nov


i watched coldplay concert during office hour. yes, it is legal. i didn’t break any law. not a fan of coldplay actually, but after watching them performed live on stage (on dvd), i like them. hehe

for next 3days mom won’t be at home, having a course at JB (tp tdo hotel). isk.. bertambah2 la boring kat rumah since my younger siblings are not at home. jadilah aku anak tunggal. nnt duduk dgn ayah lagi la mcm batu aku jadinya.

drive carefully, guys. aku dah berapa kali narrow escaped dari lori trailer. the feeling? Allah Maha Kuasa nak panjangkan umur aku dan kancil tu. they drive big trucks and they think they are cool to speed up, aren’t they? sgt angkuh dan sombong. tp sebenarnya highway pasir gudang tu mmg makan daging org.

recite ayat kursi 3times at the beginning of your journey, while warming up your engine. jgn gerak selagi tersangkut, tak selesai biasalah kan kadang2 dah hafal mcm mana pun ada je tersalah baca.. accident is about timing. good or bad. i got this petua from an ustaz. insyaAllah Allah melindungi hamba-Nya.

i need a new haircut, to mark a new life. i wanna go shopping, tp kena tunggu 27th. πŸ™‚

selamat mlm kawan. i love all of you.

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Posted by on November 14, 2005 in crash and burn


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