12 Dec

they say dont judge a book by its cover, but i think you really could tell a book by its cover. kalau cover tu buruk dan koyak rabak maksudnya buku tu best semua org nak baca. tp kalau cover dia dah beli 5 thn elok2 je lagi, hahah buku tu tak baper bestlah. hahahha

hmm i can judge a person by his look. today a guy from another department came to our office for a small meeting with my friend regarding a new model which would be in production in january. they use my small evaluation room 1 for the meeting, since i have another meeting to attend at that time. but before i went for the meeting, my subordinate asked me for a harry potter VHS tape which is in my keeping. knocked the door, say sorry for the interruption, take the tape quickly and cepat2 keluar with a smirked face.

“ya Allah..”
“bau apa tadi tu tuty?”
“entah la”
“kesian juita mesti separuh mati kan?”

that guy looked so messy, but i never thought that his socks would smelled like sampah. after they left the room, the smell stays. i use febreeze. tak jalan. lebih teruk ada la. nasib baik ada org bawak air freshener, kalau tak mati aku tadi.

at the evening, at another meeting, it was so happen the same guy attended the meeting too. i cannot look at him, i feel like to vomit.

“juita, tadi masa discuss dgn dia tak bau pape?”
“ada.. tapi nak buat camne?”

aku rasa dia tak basuh stokin sejak raya.

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Posted by on December 12, 2005 in crash and burn


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