28 Dec

i did something bad and i need geeks out there to help me.

i reset my router to factory setting and now it is not working!! the wireless router is just a week old.

help me!! tell this thingy to my daddy? not yet. he setup the whole thing, everything went on smoothly until one fine day the router failed to access the streamyx connection. i tried to figure up what was the problem, but when i couldn’t find any, i reset the router to factory setting.


now i could not even access the device. am using caremo wireless router, and the worst thing is it did not come with the manual instruction. bagus!

i failed to attend for work for 2 days. down with fever.

nadia and i were too tired. dipetik dari kata-kata cik nadia,
“aku rasa penat gila mcm baru balik from tioman”

aku setuju dgn kata-kata cik nadia. dengar cerita cik nadia juga tidak hadir bekerja hari ini.

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Posted by on December 28, 2005 in crash and burn


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