happy anniversary.. the sixth one!! (not for the eyes of anti-jiwang) :P

29 Dec

no wonder why i have sixth sense! hahaha alhamdulillah. 😉

zairul aizec, happy anniversary.
tuty irma, happy anniversary.


black leather purse for the lady and a brown one for the guy. and we share the same smile. ermmm.. nyaman~

sadly, now i’m clad in sarong.. why?
ehemm ermmm it’s diarrhea. ( i thanked God there’s another name for ci***-bi***)

never mind, he was the first person i met this morning. (and it was 6.50am)

“happy anniversary sayang”
“happy anniversary sayang”
“i thought we could never celebrate this year anniversary”
“hey dont say that..”
“love you”
“i love you too”

~~and me off to work. and back home at 12 noon to meet the doc (seriously cobaan 50minutes drive with diarrhea).

each year is different and this year is special. at one time when we thought we lose every single thing, we fought and we get everything and do not miss a thing.

cheers for us~!!

secebis doa after solat, i asked for happiness.
“Ya Allah, jika benar dia utk ku, kuatkan kami. Jika dia bukan ditakdirkan utk ku, jauhi dia dari ku, dan kuatkan kami utk segala dugaan yg Kau berikan”

alhamdulillah.. i still hope that he is ‘untukku’. 🙂


let us pray for aizec’s paktok. he’s in the hospital right now. his condition was quite ‘merisaukan’ last night when aizec called. the house is just a few minutes away from mine, but my parents has already fall asleep and i dont know what to do. i stayed awake until aizec answered my call and said “paktok dah ok sikit dah”. aizec woke me up at 5.15am to ask me to fetch him from his uncle’s and send him back home.

now you know why he’s the first person i met this morning.

this afternoon, his sister said, “paktok koma”..

seriously, it is merisaukan.

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