(edited) my heart is filled with love and..

07 Jan

my purse is thick with money. yummy~.. tebrau city is already open for me and nanad to go shopping. yes! at last i could buy that M.A.C lipstick.

i went there last nite after dinner with collegues and find myself could not stop cursing the traffic. met my love there where he had arrived early because he was from tmn daya, and i was from pasir gudang. walked around and texted nanad.. hahahha.. now i miss her becos i really wanna go shopping with her. i miss you lah girlfriend! my plastic (read: atm card. not credit card) is menggigil already. hahahah oh now you know my purse isn’t thick.

i thanked Allah for He had given me chance to meet aizec. feel loved and to be loved. trust and respect. yeah, there were bumps here and there. we had fights, yes and we make up. we cursed each other (behind each other’s back), yes and we praise each other more. disagreements, always, and later laugh about that. we hate each other – there was one time when we hate each other but refused to leave each other.

if you could still remember why my past 2-3 month’s entries were so cryptic and sad, it was the time when we had really super huge fights. and why are we still together? i bet if you (girl and guy) were in our shoes, you would leave the scene immediately. i love him, definitely. he loves me, forever. we refused to leave eventhough at times the situation sgt memaksa. only at one and that only one moment i’ve forgotten how much i love him and i determined to leave the scene, he came and said sorry.

my heart was hard and freezing as iceberg that time. he came to me. he met my parents and said he loves me. he said something else that should not be mentioned here, but to tell you.. that iceberg melt slowly. he promised he would try his best to win me back. and he did what he said. he sacrificed his life in kl and stay here in jb, for me, as i’m told. he is so nice and gentle. my parents would be proud of him.

we met both parents. we had enough tears. we had enough fight. regretted our mistakes. promise to lead a new life. we smile and laugh again.

i love him no matter what. he never leave me, he just drifted away and get distant. all we need is time to forget the pain and remember the healed scar so that we should never fall again. now we look at our steps more closely, we just want the best for us.

that incident had changed us to better person. he’s getting serious about everything, and i am not that ever-leniant-tuty anymore. that incident also made us closer to home.. his and mine. cherish the love and cherish the life we have. we agree that we need each other, in every aspect. all in all, he’s my best buddy ever in this whole world. he could shoo away even the scariest frown on my face.

he was there during the dark moment of thesis struggling time (you know how hard it was). he was there when i submitted the thesis. he was there on my first day of work. he was with me on the convocation day. he wore the shirt i bought for him walaupun the shirt could turn him into roast beef. i swore to God i saw him sweating laut china selatan! kesian dia.

yes, we need time to recuperate. and this time, he’s the one who has the super sabar power. thanks dude.


a little note for you somewhere out there, find yourself a life, move on and go away. correct your spelling, it is ‘3rd’ not ‘3th’, stupid! and what do you mean by ‘infaction’? do you mean ‘impression’? ‘infection’? oh my oh my.. which school did you go? i bet your teacher must had committed suicide having a student as dumb as you. everything is settled, and i warn you not to step in my life again. learn know your limit, slut! use your brain, dumbass! unless you dont have one.

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