A little privacy

01 Feb

What I like about this wordpress is, I have the option to or not to list my blog in the search engine. Owh maybe Google has listed a couple of my entries in their blog search result, but they are going to drop it real soon, I hope. By the way, I have successfully transferred all my blogspot entries to wordpress.. yeah~! without feeling afraid that someone would track me again. I LOVE THIS FEATURES!! It is not that I am afraid, but.. well yeah, I am afraid. Not! I dont want to feel annoyed anymore when someone is talking nasty about myself behind my back. it’s like, sukahati akulah kan aku nak tulis apa, kau apa kisah nak sibuk2? ahahaha..

Really think to have a new haircut today, but most of the kedai rambut has yet to open. maybe till this weekend? God, help me. I just realised that Tmn U is still occupied with those cina-bukit type, who still strongly believe in their ancient kepercayaan. Maybe during previous CNY I wasn’t at home.. maybe..

Jom pergi kedai kain. Nak beli kain lawa, dan usha kain yg sangat lawa. 😉

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Posted by on February 1, 2006 in simply random


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