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20 Feb

I am exposed to almost type of music, every kind, every genre. Generally, I listen to all, yet I dont have any specific favourite genre.

As far as I could remember, "tepuk amai-amai" was the first song I nyanyi with mama, then came "buai laju-laju" and later "twinkle little star" altough I didn't understand a pinch what is the meaning of 'star' itself. i understand javanese better than english.

Ayah would tuned to stesen lagu asli when we go balik kampung. Until today, he said lagu asli is the most beautiful song he ever listened, the hardest song to be sang indeed. I might say ayah is a good singer. Unfortunately, he has 3 pairs of princes and princesses who could sing sumbangsih perfectly.

When I stepped in primary, kumpulan Gersang was climbing their ladder to the top. It was Isabella and Sejati era. Just before I entered Seri Puteri, KRU, 4U2C and Feminin made their appearance. Yo! It was the time you could see those naughty boys  at school talk gagap-gagap, and every each stupid girls wanted to be called 'Fiona'.

Oh, still KRU era until I finished SPM. My friends went mad with Nick Carter. Involved seriously in choir team where I learned a bunch of unheard ugly songs but miraculously beautiful when sang in right composition of different harmonics.  During SPM weeks, Spice Girls stayed up late with us. Aerosmith was the alarm clock. apa lagi ntah.. tak boleh ingat.. Oh Aida was deeply in love with Suede's vocalist. Shade was the first malay group who sang in acapella. Innuendo made people angau with 'Belaian Jiwa'. HA!! Masa form 3 aku dgn Azmah nyanyi one javanese song secara serius!

songs refresh some memories. now I opt not to listened to Era/Hitz sbb lagu 7-8 bulan lepas masih aktif di stesen radio mereka. Aku benci.

Oh aku pun benci lagu "kawan tapi mesra" by Ratu. Gila gatal lagu tu.. "aku juga suka pada dirimu, tp aku ada yg punya. Biar kita berteman saja. Teman tapi mesra".. dah ada yg punya tu, nak mesra2 pulak? Nak suka org lain pulak? GATAL!


aku rasa aku bermasalah. *peace*

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