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and the sweetness continues..

nothing sweet today actually, other than kena sindir 3-4 kali. ahahha during the daily morning meeting, the superior stressing on passport thingy.

“lepas ni those who in charge of any model, shall have passport. lebih2 lagi lepas ni kita akan byk kerja dgn singapore counterparts..” sambil ckp2 dia tgk muka aku.

aku pandang langit. ahahahha

ntah. bila2 la nnt gi buat passport. skrg nama aku asyik naik je. the manager almost kill me this morning when one of major problem occured during previous stage before shipment, reoccured – today at 10 am!

demm i cursed myself that time, how could i be so careless? did i print out the problem list? did i cleared out all the problems before shipment? i checked my messy documents, and it is there. i did check! how could things go wrong? oh my oh my.. kaki dah menggigil, hati dah sebak dan berat. how could i be so careless? why!!

i collected another new production set, and check the symptom. wey hey!!!! tak ada! they could see my air muka berubah. lega nak mampus.

“hey awak ni. saya dah nak ambil pisau bunuh diri” kata nyonya the boss.

“oh, saya ingat Miss T nak bunuh saya”

Manager menyampuk, “if this problem leak out to the market, it is not as easy as bunuh you tau. i’ll make sure u suffer”

ahahahahhaha.. aku dah fikir nak resign dah.

at 3pm, i discovered that the main unit that i’ve been using this morning is not the final unit. damn it! penat je aku panic. mmg unit tu defect pun!

how could i be so careless..

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