are you. do you. will you.

16 Apr


*sensitive = yes! very.
*easily hurt = again, very very
*calm = calm? maybe when it was not the time of the month
*quiet = when i am worried, or sad
*choosy = quite
*active = absolutely when you mean shopping and travelling.
*very shy = quite shy.. not very shy.

*confidence in yourself = in the process to rebuild myself
*brand-conscious = hmmm tak sgt, i wouldnt mind wearing tshirt ajek bought at bundle. ahahah. but i wouldnt buy it myself. 😛
*a good listener = i am
*easily bored = definitely.
*outgoing = kadang2 aku rasa aku outgoing, kadang2 aku rasa aku reserve. ntah
*open-minded = yes. there are many individuals out there and there's a wide range of selection each of them to choose. is it bad or good, tau2 sendiri la. but you'll never paksa me do what other people thinks what they're doing is cool.
*an only child = aah. ony child in 1981. now i have to share my parents with additional 5 brothers and sisters. ahhaha
*happy at the moment = 80% happy.. the rest of the precentage goes to worry and doubt.
*tired = yup. finished preparing a week ration for the family.
*playing any online games = yahoo games.. it was fun.
*good at Chess = never think that chess is an interesting game to play. 😉
*tempted by chocolates = easily.

D O Y O U ? ..

*believe the term 'love at first sight = maybe it's only a short crush.. no, i dont believe.
*have someone you really care for presently = definitely
*believe in love = love make your day meaningful. 🙂
*ever cheated on a test = pernah nak buat tp tak berani. ahaha
*play the guitar = no. but i love to sing when my brother or my bf plays guitar
*play the piano = sikit2.. belajar sendiri based on adik's books.
*play the drums = would love to
*like your life = alhamdulillah.. 🙂
*like school = i love my school days. love the enviroments, the girls, the friendship..
*like dancing = oh yes.
*like sweets = yup. i have bekal at workplace
*like travelling = absolutely!
*own an Xbox/ playstation = not yet. might have one, someday. 😉
*like Spongebob squarepants = yeay!! its spongebob!!
*ride a bike = masa kecik main beskal kat luar rumah. skrg main beskal stationary je dpn tv.
*read Harry Potter = ahahhaha.. NO! dont have the book. dont have the initiative to find it. dont have the time.
*yell at your siblings = the requirement to be kakak sulung. ahahha
*argue with your parents = sometimes and regret it later.
*love McDonalds = who doesnt?
*play basketball = during form 1. ahahha
*play badminton = it was long time ago..
*play tennis = play tennis play play
*play bowling = sometimes.
*swim = ahahahha nanad.. kita pernah swim kan 😉
*ice-skating= never tried
*watch Disney channel = ehehehhe.. yes. when i have chance to have the remote control.
*love movies = yup
*like Oreo = love oreo. double cream please.
*like chips= very very
*do the housework = what do you expect to be the eldest sister?
*love your friends alot = when they save my back.. they are loved. ahahaha

Will You?

*get more than 5 piercings = no.
*curse a friend = will never curse a friend. pernah curse the boyfriend. ahahah
*hug a stranger = no no
*sneak out at night alone = tak pernah. takut gelap. takut kena marah. well its more to takut gelap.
*further your studies overseas = nak sgt
*try summoning a ghost for fun = ahahah kan ckp dah.. takut.
*try alcohol = as long as i am muslim. insyaAllah tidak!!
*love someone whole heartedly = always
*smoke = never ever!

Have You ever?

*hug someone = of course. everyday i start the day with a hug
*look someone in the eye = everytime i talk to ppl. unless i hate him/her
*do stupid things that finally made u real embarrased = maybe yes.. but i couldnt remember.
*said sorry to someone = yes.
*thank someone= yes, all the time.
*loved someone who hurts u badly = ironically, yes.

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