another meme

21 Apr

My ex is a very patient, ambitious and lovely person. He loves music, strumming his guitar and let me sing my favourite song. He is a talkactive person but I love him most when he said nothing at all. He was sweet.

Maybe I should stop complaining on how fat I am because someone told me that I look good. I am fine with my waistline now. Its 26. Am not embarassed like I used to. I was 24 once upon a time..

I love it when he called right after he woke up in the morning, telling me his good dreams last night. Grumble and mumble.

I don’t understand why people drives 80km/h in the morning when my speedometer just cannot afford to turn its needle further. Come on lah people, I work at Pasir Gudang!! Can you pls send your son to school after 8?

I lose my sopan santun when someone hurt my loved ones.

People say I'm funny and fierce. at the same time they know i'm a kecoh person too. yea, people cannot rely on me, i'll spread the words to the world. YF just hates me so much. 😛

Love is like potted flowers plants. Fresh and healthy when you bought them, but when thought water and sun will do enough, magically they turn to vegetables – boring. You forgot the fertilizers.. baja bunga baja daun baja buah penggalak akar all sorts. You must give enough care and attention.

Somewhere, someone is confused.

I will always be me. Modern life wont turn me into 'cool person' depending on your interpretation. I am conventional. I believe in marriage and menjaga tatatertib seorang anak demi menjaga maruah keluarga. I know my close friends and I have our own 'cool' meanings.

Forever is Allah.

I never want to have a sick minded friend.

I think the current US President thinks he is a superhero.

When I wake up in the morning, I ran to bathroom with my watch. Made sure I wont be inside there more than 10 minutes. Thanking the Creator because I am still alive as His khalifah. Wont miss Subuh prayers during weekdays, and always terbabas during weekends.

My past was a previous chapter in my life. It makes me stronger and wiser person I am today. I did not regret for what had happened, Allah has His own way to teach me.

I get annoyed when my sisters and brothers didnt open the door for me when the new kittens lingering at my feet. I cannot open the door because I was busy shooing the cats away. "Tolonglah kakak bukak pintu!!!!"

Parties are when you sell tupperwares. ahahahhahah kidding!

My dog is someone who acts like a dog. I dont own it. He is in the office sitting next to the boss.

My cat is Lulu. She's a hero, didn't hurt even when you campak her from 10th floor. She sleeps with my sister everynight. She's filled with soft cotton.

Kisses are the best when they are from your heart.

Tomorrow, I'll play netball for WA position. Pray for me, I really want to look good eventhough pancit at the 15th minute, because I cannot play that good. at least i look good, kan? Urghh.. Nad, teman me for waterproof mascara and eyeliner jom? ahahha.. Tomorrow also my DekNi birthday, a lovely sister eventhough she's not my sibling. One month from tomorrow is my birthday. INGAT!!

I really want June to come early. Had plenty of plans for that month.

I have low tolerance for liars. They once almost steal myself from me. They took something precious from me, I was a loving person.

I steal it from Izan, who want to steal this from me, drop me a comment. 🙂 Mooke i know you steal it too.


Posted by on April 21, 2006 in simply random


2 responses to “another meme

  1. altuty

    April 21, 2006 at 7:22 pm

    actually i dont have an ex. the description above is my current bf. wrote this when we had a row.

  2. aj3k

    April 21, 2006 at 11:12 pm



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