wonderful day – minus the belacan

22 Apr

i started my day at 6.15am, totally forgot that i have netball tournament today, plus it's Dekni's birthday. rushed to the shower, picked up the cake i've bought last night and *vroommmm* to pasir gudang.

the birthday girl was in the shower when me and her brother has settled lighting up the candles. we wait..wait.. usually she didn't that long shower, but maybe she mandi extra bcos today is her birthday.

tada~~ hoyeahhh she was surprised. and i know, she is so happy. you know what, she is the special sister i have. i dont have any elder sis, but she acted like one when i'm in need.. she's a year younger than me.

my team was defeated terrribbblllyyyy teruk. yet we had fun.. we scored zero! hahah the first game 8-0, then 15-3, and lastly 5-0. our opponents were puzzled how could we laugh over the scores we've made. hello ladies, we entered the game just bcos for the sake of the game. ceh merepek. tak aci betul, the urusetia people represented the company last year. they organised the in-house company game this year. they also entered the in-house game. they win. and they will represent the team again. sgt licik. ahahhahaha tak kisah.. yg penting my girls look good. kalah takpe bukan mengalah. yeayy that's the spirit of the defeated team. ahhahahahahha

went to the tailor where juita always send her kebaya. RM50 for the upah,ok la tu if the quality is as what i expected.. or better. i'm quite fussy in kebaya, the cutting, the jahitan, lengan, pinggang.. kalau salah jahit mmg nampak mcm pakai guni. i have longer upper body than average. couldnt simply buy any ready made kebaya bcos you could easily see me weird like there is any Pinjam license pasted on the back.

watch 'she's the man' movie. guys, this movie rocks. light entertainment, didnt trying too hard to make you laugh. all the jokes were easy and logical. hahaha if you get wht i mean. oh yes,

oh then someone made my day eventough it was almost maghrib that time. thanks, Love. i'm touched. I love you very much.

everything happened today is wonderful. i thing some dose of fever has just catch me :P.

 i forgot to mention, we had lunch at restoran ulan raja at BBU. had ikan merah asam pedas, ulam and sambal belacan. it was super sedap!! BUT bau belacan tu melekat kat tgn.. really2 kuat!! i washed my hand again before movie.. sabun 2 kali and thought it would disappear. tak hilang jugak. dlm wayang member seblah asyik bisik "bau belacan bau belacan" time aku nk capai popcorn dr dia. after movie, basuh lagi lama.. 2 kali jugak. also i thought it would disappear.. 30 mins after that.. bau tu melekat. ok i washed with dettol. tak jalan. pastu aku berpendapat mulut bau cuci gigi kan? i use toothpaste – :(.. air garam as someone told me – rupanya dia tipu je also resulted in 😦 …  

now after i cleaned my toilet, washed the dishes, cleaned the kitchen.. the smell is HERE!!!!!!!!! help me pls!!!! tgn aku dah kering kena sabun je nih!!


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3 responses to “wonderful day – minus the belacan

  1. aj3k

    April 23, 2006 at 12:36 am

    itulah penangan belacan keling!!!!!

  2. akmal

    April 23, 2006 at 10:30 am

    ulam raja memang bestttttttt. kalau malas masak lunch mak aku slalu beli lauk kat sana. hahaha

  3. altuty

    April 23, 2006 at 11:06 am

    tp kan.. bau belacan dia sampai pagi ni!! adoi.. mlm tadi aku cuci tgn pakai clorox tau! penangan dia perghh.. tp sedap~..

    mmg sedap~!!


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