flying saucer with a taste

06 Aug

since my mother bought current n-litre oven, i have yet to bake a perfect cake. eventhough the cake taste as good as tasty, but so far none of them look like any decent cake. my old oven allowed me to control only the lower heater but the current oven, i cannot choose to use only lower part. so i have to use both. lagi canggih ada kipas kononnya to speed up the cooking time (it helps for grilling). nx time when i want to buy my OWN oven, i’ll take note on this feature. i hope you my readers could give me some tips for this. aku mmg tak pernah bakar cake pakai api atas bawah before this. the first cake tanak naik. so what i do now is, put a tray of upper rack filled with water. it is good for cheese cake but for normal cake, i better put some frosting to cover up the hodoh-ness.

usually my rajin cake baking time is when no one at home – parents went to shopping with lil devils, when i’m on leave..

hari tu, aku beriya2 nak buat cake. resepi kek yg sudah disahkan kesedapannya telah ku dapati dari juita, taukeh chocolate cake masa menganggur. seriously she baked the seriously chocolaty chocolate cake. so kenapa tak nak cuba kan eventhough i have my own ass kickin chocolate cake recipe. tgh siap2.. aj3k called

hi yang, buat apa?
nak buat kek.. resepi juita.

hari tu kan dah buat?
tak la.. tu lain. tgh try ni. masih tak reti nak pakai oven baru
ok.. esok bwk eh?
ahahaha orait!
milk, choc powder, cooking choc bar, white flour, sugar, egg.. etc etc etc.. as i remembered juita said that the recipe is for 1kg cake. i halved the recipe since i didnt want to bake big cake. mix mix mix.. kenapa cake ni lain mcm je? apsal keras sgt nih? so i add up more milk. tak ok gak. napa eh? i beat the egg lama sgt ke?

my bad. i wrote 8 oz white flour. but i read it as 80 oz. *langgar dinding*.. i bake the cake anyway to create a flying saucer. a thick, huge and heavy flying saucer. ayam blkg rumah pun tanak jamah kek bantat keras aku tu. ntah2 masa aku baling flying saucer tu terkena kaki diorang kan? patah kaki sblh. ahahha kalau hempap katak sure penyet! masa dia bunyi jatuh ke bumi kan.. mcm nangka jatuh “bedebuk”.

until today, aj3k still waiting for the cake. sorry yang, the cake never exist 😛 and sorry mama, i wasted more than 1kg tepung gandum.


Posted by on August 6, 2006 in Kitchen fun, simply random


2 responses to “flying saucer with a taste

  1. litium

    August 7, 2006 at 11:57 am

    eh sama la template kita! kakakaka off topic!

  2. my.strawberry

    August 7, 2006 at 9:58 pm

    ohh la la la la


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