half empty

18 Aug

i am too busy spending my time on the road. i spend most of my time in that factory.

Amir is home today for his medical follow-up. i was surprised seriously when he told there was no x-ray and such. the doctor advised him to see doktor mata only after 3 month, when the trauma had recovered. must he wait that long? kesian dia, he cant read properly.

he kissed my hand and greeted me excitedly when i reached home this evening, carrying 2 bags full of durian – his favourite. i remembered sitting with him at tokmak’s kebun buah, melahab durian yg baru gugur.

but he left after a few bites of durian. he said, “ntah la, selera mkn durian dah tak mcm dulu”.

ayah tried to pick an argument with him, and he calmly said, “ayah sabar la amir nak ckp ni. ayah tau tak amir nak marah sgt ni… “.. he’s cool. his temper has cool down.

he talks a lot, asks hundreds of questions, telling his feeling, asking about his younger brother and sister who aren’t at home, about his lost ic and driving license.. and all.

when he sleeps, he leaves me half empty.

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Posted by on August 18, 2006 in simply random


One response to “half empty

  1. shera

    August 18, 2006 at 5:48 pm

    saya doakan dia akan kembali menjadi amir yg dulu…InsyaAllah..dun worry k.tuty!


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