i woke up late maka tak sempat pegi pasar

03 Sep

mama admitted kat sultanah aminah. maybe denggi. maybe tak. entah la. tak mcm denggi pun. i went to the hospital straight from kilang with aj3k. i did bring extra pairs of jeans n the car because we planned to do some last minute shopping during this mega sale. i’ve been eyeing this particular handbag. hmmm i guess there’ll be another time

tapi aku hope takde pape. hope today dah boleh kluar.

mlm tadi aku mimpi mama dah boleh kluar tp ayah tak nak amik. sedihnya aku dlm mimpi tu.

hari ni anem tunang. aku nak pegi. tp aku kena duk umah. masak2 etc. nnt mama balik nak mkn. takde kete pulak tu.

anem, congratulations. sorry i cant make it. kalau ptg nnt dah takde pape.. kalau mak aku dah ok. i’ll come visit you at home, ok?

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Posted by on September 3, 2006 in simply random


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