family bond

27 Oct

despite the cramps and headache, i still have to follow the hari raya trips to rumah atuk-atuk saudara, all the ’embah’-s,  ‘wak’-s and ‘lek’-s. countless paman-s and cik-s. sometimes i would stand beside mama and siku her, “ma, yg ni tuty panggil atuk kan?yg pakai tudung coklat tu panggil cik kan? yg tu pangkat sepupu-sepupu mama kan?”.. serious, aku mmg tak ingat pangkat diorg. adik2 beradik arwah tokpak mmg sgt ramai, and dia sulung. my tokmak’s side, tak teruk. she only has 2 younger sis.. easier for me to remember all their names including my dua pupu. i’m the eldest from the cucu kategori. hahahh

since the big day is coming (another 2 mnth, less than that actually), mama had took this opportunity to invite all the relatives during raya. my pakciks kept on asking why my card has yet to be distributed. aduhai.. if i was born to be very acuh tak acuh type, i wouldnt mind sending the card with typos and wrong font use, wron phone number etc. i didnt agree with the layout and i had them to re-design the card for me. ha ha ha.. dont worry.. ssp girls would get my card during alysha-fye reception. ahah.. kena bwk handbag besar! hahahha

as i spent most of the time on the couch (at the kitchen), with messy hair and old tshirt, i had to smile and say “selamat hari raya” when the waks came to dapur and ask for the “perantin”.. masa tu rasa mcm nak duduk kat kebun tokmak belakang umah. even the embah had the great hairstyle. demmm

for sure, i would have a hard time introducing my waks, leks, pamans, and embahs to aj3k once we married. i know where she/he lives, what do they work/study, but i cannot remember their names. yup.. this is my problem and ppl would always categorized me as  sombong when i didnt smile to them.. i tak ingat laaa bukan sombong!

however, we will see them in december.. see how la mcm mana nak intro aj3k to them. i think i have to drag mama beside me.

p/s: embah  = atuk (in general)
        lek = makcik/pakcik yg lebih muda dari mak/ayah kita (see dia side siapa la)
        wak = yg lebih tua..
        paman = pakcik..
        cik = pronounce as cik as in ciku. means pakcik/makcik..


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3 responses to “family bond

  1. lutfi

    October 27, 2006 at 9:01 am

    my family panggil all yg lebih tua “ayah” dan “che” so my datuk sedara dpt “ayah something” and for nenek sedara, “che something”. yg lebih tua sikit, kak dan abe, yg muda panggil nama although taraf die lebih tinggi dari gue. so my mom’s cousin call me abe Pi, although taraf die lagi tua, tapi sbb die lagi mude dari aku, buat ape nak buat complicated sgt. hahahaha.

  2. aida

    October 28, 2006 at 8:16 pm

    blog hopped from Shera-Mizah…
    well, i have the same panggilan for pakcik/makcik/atuk for my dad’s side.. we did call bibik for aunties and ade jugak yg tambah “yu” kat dpn… for my mom’s side plak.. utk uncles we called ’em ayah cik… and aunties cik… hehe.. bole buat entry psl name panggilan ni 😉
    happy hari raya!

  3. t.u-ty

    October 28, 2006 at 9:42 pm

    yg tambah “yu” tu shortform dari “mbakyu” kan?.. but “yu” tu mksudnya “kakak”..

    thx for visiting aida.. ni aida mana ni? ssp jugak? which batch? ke aida bedmate ku dulu? hahah


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