end of month rambling

25 Jun

cuti lagi today. end-month-shutdown, mcm biasa la. things would be different if i am still single. i would hop and shop alone, precious time for myself. but not with the swelling tummy and tired legs. hahaha.. i had to take a 15 minutes rest in between menyapu tingkat atas and bawah. nasib baik hari ni windy so aku tak la mcm nak pitam kepanasan.

i should move this heavy (really heavy) ass to do something. too lazy to tidy up the mess in the bilik baju. so i think the most productive activity for today would be.. laundry? ha ha ha..
ajek will be going to kl again tonite. isyy sebut nama dia baru teringat nak kena hantar langsir ke tailor selang berapa rumah ni. i dont even have the design in mind. he said, “sukati la nak buat lngsir mcm mana”. sukanya~?

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One response to “end of month rambling

  1. ayyub

    June 28, 2007 at 6:26 pm

    hello… remember me? baca your (read: plural form) blog tetiba terperasan yg my link tuh is the old link…
    skang kat
    have a nice day!


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