new new new

03 Jan

new year, new baby, new job responsibilities.. i feel like i am a new person. ha ha

boleh tahan penat jugak sebagai ibu bekerja ni dan memberikan anak exclusive breastfeeding. by hook or by crook, i have to pump at work. se-busy mana pun, i’ll sneak out from the evaluation room to pump. mcm leceh, but its my decision to give my son only breastmilk. i am happy with it. i am happy adam doesn’t have any tummy problem. kembung or sembelit.

i bid 4 medela pumps at ebay! ha ha.. but i know i’ll be outbid in anytime soon. mana tak, pump beribu tu harga US$1.00 je. tipu la. aku bid la paling rendah.

ajek is away. first time kena tinggal bla dah kerja. hari tu masa masih cuti pernah gak kena tinggal but i dont mind at all. esok mula la aku kelam kabut nak bwk brg dri atas, dgn adam, dgn susu dlm peti sejuk. tgk la kelam aku esok.

adam is a very gooooooooood boy in the morning. he sleeps early. he wakes up rosy and happy, smile and do some small talk. i love my baby.. and my husband who always makes adam busy. haha

9pm is my bedtime, tdokan adam on the bed. wake up at 11 to prepare tomorrow’s thing. sleep again at 2..

good nite

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