oh adam adam

19 Apr

Adam had few green stools per day for over a week now. The panic parents rush him to the clinic this evening. Doctor said, “nothing to worry about, kadang2 budak2 ni ada masa mcm ni”

hoyeahh.. Adam wakes the sleepy parents 5.50 every morning to fart, a loud one! I guess I had to stop longan drinks for a while now, my husband said maybe the red dates is the culprit (he has a family allergy history where his sister cannot consume anything that is RED, even lada and gula merah!).. I added the red date since last week.. Sblm tu ok je Adam. His babysitter said, “baby biasa la berubah bulan mcm2 perangai”. I hope she is right.

I like mei tai baby wearing idea. After read a lot of ‘baby wearing’ method, lebih sesuai nak guna dari moby wrap in our hot and humid climate ni. i had tried sling, it is messy and sakit bahu sebelah. will try to make one mei tai next week (as i’ll have longer weekends due to ermm.. plant schedule shutdown? owh yes!). i found this link provide me enough information on how to make a nice mei tai. mana la nak beli mei tai kat malaysia ni. asyik2 nampak duk jual sling je.

I don’t understand why some mothers said “bosan la duk rumah hari sabtu, baik dtg kerja”.. I am the type of mom who cant wait to get home everyday, and every Monday I’m looking fwd to Friday ! i love to spend my time with my baby, don’t we all? (errr.. masa belum kawin pun hari2 nak tunggu weekend. aku tak pernah bosan duk rumah!!)

esok adam start nak mkn nasi! or should i delay until his tummy gets better?

Rock tak tempat wa lepak?

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One response to “oh adam adam

  1. aida

    April 21, 2008 at 11:15 am

    tuty i love mei tais too!

    i’ve studied the link you gave and many other websites on mei tais making too tapi i’m intimidated by the thick fabrics we need to use to make one..takut bila berlapis2 tebal my sewing machine cannot take it..even lapis2 nipis buat bag pun mcm dah tak muat je nak masuk under the foot of the machine..

    pls post a long entry once you make one ok…i want to learn also =)


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