a tuty

25 Apr

This time, this entry is about me being a Tuty, mother of Adam.

Adam demam since 2 hari lepas. hari tu dia batuk2 kecik je, 2 mlm lepas dia batuk sgt severe sampai aku tak boleh tdo. he cannot breath bcos of that batuk! Tuhan je la yg tahu masa mcm mana. it was 1am, nak tunggu pagi tu rasa lamanya. dia tertido lepas kitorg tinggikan position dia. aku tertido while putting my palm on his chest to make sure he doesn;t stop breathing. at 3am, it happened again. and finally at 5, mmg dah tak leh nak lelap la. itu la pagi paling lama aku nak tunggu pukul 8. i even text my boss before 7 to tell him i’m not going to masuk ofis tht day.

adam muntah tiap kali mkn ubat batuk. kalau mkn PCM dia ok je. he likes PCM anyway. tiap kali dia muntah bagus jugak, kahak dia kluar sekali.

siang tadi ok je adam kat rumah babysitter dia. i told her to give adam minum air masak sikit2. lupa nak pesan sikit yg aku maksudkan is less thn 1oz. balik td aku nampak air masak adam dlm botol 4oz. hmmm takpe la. lenkali pesan ye mama. bila check botol adam dia minum 4 botol, so ok la. takde la adam minum air masak sampai ganti susu dia. i was quite relieved.

there is sambutan maulidur rasul at IL’s neighborhood. i should attend the majlis since hubby is the emcee. in fact i was there for 2 hours. prior to the majlis, i didn’t tell adam properly.. correction, i didn’t tell adam at all.

usually he took his nap during maghrib or after maghrib. tp tadi kitorg kluar rumah right after maghrib, so he didn’t get his nap. and he didn;t nurse because daddy keeps talking to him while i tried to feed him. your baby responds well to your husband’s voice too, kan? ok.. i was bengang. tp takpe la… i have ebm. so while i change my baju kurung, i asked hubby to prepare ebm for the baby, put it in my bag. simple.

at the majlis, adam is a good boy at first. i read Yasin, while i gave him his ‘5 little ducks’ book. after Yasin, adam dah start makan tangan kaki dan mulut org. ok adam, let mama give you susu.

to my surprise, the ebm is freezing cold. mana la tau adam nak kan? so i sumbat je la. ha ha ha he gave me a funny face.

i tried to nurse, but dia sgt distracted dgn bunyi2an di sekeliling. dan mulalah episod cranky dia. masih ok lagi sbb dia masih nak org dukung.

start ustaz tu nak bg ceramah je. this is the time when everybody sit quietly. and this is the time when adam gave up his manners.

i took out the car keys to feed adam in the car. pun tak hendak.

nak tak nak husband had to send me home.

within 3 minutes, adam tewas atas katil.

the truth is i am so bengang with myself. i couldnt understand my own son?

sigh.. the ebm was warmed when i tried to feed adam in the car. it was 4oz. i forgot to tell SIL not to warm the milk bcos i want to nurse adam in the car. dude, it is 4oz! it is not easy, boy. and now i had to wait the milk to arrive at home since hubby would be back after the majlis ends.

to my experience, susu yg dah panaskan masih boleh simpan dlm fridge sekejap.. not more thn 24hr. as long as the smell and compisition is ok, adam takde masalah with the milk. i know most of the lactation consultant tak agree with me, but i read somewhere tht so far baby takde masalah if aku buat mcm tu. so esok pagi, adam would have ebm (if the susu still ok bila sampai rumah).

hai laaa adam.

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