09 May

i purposely stayed up this late to translate my jap operating instruction book to english, using the new translator i downloaded from the web, of course with my husband’s help.

download, installation finished, he left me to sleep. sedihnya i tak sampai hati to wake him up to ask him where the hell to change the ‘system locale’ to japanese.

“To use AT*LAS it is necessary to set the System Locale to Japanese. Please refer to the manual for setting method”

takde pung! system manual operating system ke software? software punya user guide haram nak sebut pasal ni. takkan la OS kut? huarghhh.. esok nak pakai sbb isnin nak result, tp aku tak dpt nak translate!

esok MD nak masuk evaluation room aku utk buat evaluation. malasnya nak duduk diam2 buat kerja dlm ofis. MD baru ni mmg rajin buat evaluation. aku je tak pernah masuk mtg lately.

camne nak translate ni?

aku takde idea nak teruskan, mcm mana nak support ‘ideas for life’ nih!

*tuty go to sleep.

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Posted by on May 9, 2008 in simply random


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