what i want for my birthday?

12 May

this one is yummier than the other one. i like it!i want new sewing machine. i want a conventional oven. i want hand-mixer.. tp kalau dpt stand mixer yg canggih tu lebih berkesan.

what i want for my birthday? husband, choose one! ha ha ha

the sewing machine mabuk tonite. i couldnt finish adam’s first baju melayu.. ermm 2nd one actually. his Nek Milah had made one for him… masalahnya the pressure tak menentu. kejap2 jaihtan longgar, kejap2 ketat gila.

sebelum terlambat.. Happy Mother’s Day to all mak, mommy, ibu, mama, ummi..

i realized tht i didnt write any adam’s achievement tho he’s already 7month this week. adam cannot sit unsupported, he’s still calling me if he want to turn to his back after meniarap, let alone merangkak la kan..

but i am proud with him. he talks a lot. he wakes up smiling. he prefers daddy than mama when playing. refuses daddy when sleepy. he claps his hands with daddy, plays peek-a-boo with mama. he ‘runs’ on the plastic bag bcos he likes the sound. he sings twinkle little star and itsy-bitsy spider. he laughs out loud. he loves books. he prefers mama than bottle (ini paling lega! lepas berbulan2 confuse). he cries when no one picks him up when daddy starts the engine. he choose his meal, he doesn’t like apple. and last week he jelir lidah.. he did it on purpose.. toleh kanan tgk daddy, jelir. tgk kiri tgk mama, jelir. jumpa NekMi, jelir jelir jelir while smiling. lepas jelir lidah je dia rasa happy gila sbb dpt ikut buat.. sabtu lepas jelir sambil kluar suara skali, exactly what daddy and mama always did.. terus dia gelak besar bila dpt buat mcm tu.

i am waiting patiently for adam to sit. but he prefers to stand up than to sit down. he likes it when i let him stand alone (3 sec!)..

owhhh adam.. projek mei tai kita, tunggu kita balik rumah TokMama ye, mesin jahit TokMama lebih berprestij dari mesin jahit mama. Mama janji mama siapkan baju adam before kita pegi KL next week. Uncle Hafiz nak kawin nnt Adam dpt kawan kut thn dpn. hahahha


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3 responses to “what i want for my birthday?

  1. Auntie Haz

    May 14, 2008 at 10:40 pm

    Dear Adam,
    I’m soooo happy to know that you’d be in KL next week. Please..please.. beg both mommy & daddy to make a pit stop somewhere and visit your dear Auntie Hazzy? Will wait patiently to cubit your chubby cheeks.


  2. aida

    May 15, 2008 at 10:07 am

    mcmana you buat baju melayu yer?pls teach me!! (if you don’t mind..hehe) mesti coooomel sgt Adam pakai baju melayu…..aaaaaaaa….

  3. tuty

    May 17, 2008 at 1:27 am

    see if kitorg ada waktu senggang then i’ll let you know. 🙂 laaaama tak jumpa kan?

    nnt i’ll post about the baju melayu. baju adam dah siap tapi seluar adam sempit! had to cut a new one. i silap potong seluar dia he he he.. oh ya.. my mei tai dah siap 🙂


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