adam dah besar la!

15 Jun

adam is sitting on my lap while i’m typing this entry with one hand. he eagerly wants the keyboard, the biscuit does not make him busy. it is tea time, mama!


paragraph above was written few hours ago. and now adam is sleeping soundly (at 7.11pm). yup, he sleep early and he is a morning person (even during weekends when his parents need extra hours to bermalas2)..

adam is already 8month. apa yg membuatkan aku bingung ialah, adam masih ‘sit with support’. should i worry? i understand that baby developed at their own pace, but i want to see adam sit on his own, or crawl, or even moving forward without rolling around to get his toys/fresh diaper/tupperware/empty basket.

org kata ‘dia ni byk sgt berdukung’.. aku rasa statement tu salah. org lain berdukung jugak. skrg i tried not to pick him up so often, so i’ll lie/roll around with him on the bed or on the floor.

hmm he rolled in zig zag pattern to his targeted item. that is so funny. sometimes he even disappeared, oh then i saw him under the table/between the couches/below the tv rack, excited with the cables/newspapers/magazines.

when i first introduced him to solid, he didnt like it so much. now, he will open his mouth wide enough to fill the whole banana into his mouth. this evening i tried to feed him the banana without mashing it first (since i was too lazy to clean up extra fork and plate!) aku suap sikit-sikit. but adam is adam, the banana ends up perfectly mashed in his hands! duk berebut pisang dgn aku. sampai penyek and lembik2 makin kuat dia genggam. ha ha he made me happy with pisang penyek.

adam makin cheeky dgn gigi dia and srg makin pandai beramah mesra dgn org. senyum alahai manissssssssssnya~.. bahaya ni anak lelaki mcm ni muka manis. hahaha.. aku perasan bykkali dia sebut ‘mamamamama’.. tp rasanya bukan dia panggil ‘mama’.. its just the easiest suku kata dia boleh sebut rasanya. kalau nak tdo dia akan membebel kejap, mcm dia nak cerita apa dia buat hari ni, dia mkn apa, dia main apa dgn kakak and abang.. habis cerita terus mengiring, menyusu and zzz..

bila dia dah tdo aku pulak rasa, sikitnya masa aku spend dgn dia during weekdays.

I love you baby.. *hugs*


*added at 11.40pm.

aku rasa development adam masih phase ok bila dah baca few articles. at least adam dah achieve semua yg patut 7mo babies buat, except he ‘sitting up’ part. Even boleh buat few things yang 12mo babies boleh buat..

Developmental Milestones by the end of 7 Month

NNCC Developmental Milestones: A Guide for Parents

Zero to Three: Development Through Your Child’s Eyes


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3 responses to “adam dah besar la!

  1. shera

    June 16, 2008 at 9:19 pm

    comel bila ibu ckp i love u baby pada anak..

    kalo laki ckp kat bini (vice versa) bunyi buruk kan? :p

    k.tuty, adam dah 8mths..ape lagi? bila adam nak dpt adik? :p

  2. aj3k

    June 17, 2008 at 1:23 pm

    shera:x buruklah.mungkin adam akan dapat adik esok kut.wakakaka

  3. t.u-ty

    June 17, 2008 at 9:42 pm

    hehehe shera.. my husband and i have this bad story of calling each other with ‘baby’ thingy.. so sampai skrg kalau ada org panggil ‘b’ in front of us, kitorg akan roll our eyes.. tapikan, ini kitorg je.. i know ramai yg panggil their spouse dgn ‘baby’ ni. so i think tak salah.. 🙂

    adik adam? insyaAllah kalau ada rezeki. hmmm i like being pregnant, i heart BF, i love babies.. so tunggu rezeki je la.. 🙂


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