happy with adam

16 Aug

i had proceed to 6 hourly routine. if he’s ok with this tomorrow, then it’ll be 8 hourly on sunday. alhamdulillah his condition is much much better than last week. risau jugak kalau dia tak recover lepas cuti aku habis. πŸ™‚ adam tgh lena sgt ni, tak sampai hati nak kejut for his inhaler session. kalau kul 12midnite, ada 2 types of inhaler kena pakai. dedua dia tak suka. menjerit2 kalau pakaikan aero chamber tu. lepas pakai kena bagi dia main, kalau tak dia merajuk. this guy merajuk kuat!

i was tempted to write a resignation letter. hahahha.. husband asked me yesterday, “best tak duk rumah?”

aku rasa soalan tu cepu berlian sangat.. sangat berharap ayat seterusnya ialah, “yang, berentilah!”.. hahhahahahahha well, it will not happen. dream on tuty. kecuali ada seguni duit jatuh terus masuk bedroom aku. πŸ˜›

adam’s separation anxiety is making me craaazey~.. even when daddy’s around. at times, i just let him cry. dia punya nangis tu mcm tersepit pintu. dia tak mau dgn org lain lgsg.

i just realized adam doesn’t like ginger added into his meal. aku plak jenis semua meal suka masukkan halia. he uses sign when he wants to eat, drink or milk.

he’ll bite his arm/hand/fist when he’s ready for lunch/dinner.
he’ll suck his thumb if he’s thirsty. he’ll prefer milk, but ribena or apple juice is acceptable
he’ll bite mama everywhere, nose, lips, cheeks, eyes, arm when he wants milk. hmmm his feeding position has varied and it is weird. on tummy while resting his head on my ribs.. for 1 minute snacking. cehh saje je, it is a way to ask mama to lie down, so he has teman to play with.

paling best, bila dia happy. he’ll come to me; hug and (wet) kiss me everywhere too.

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