pink and black tomorrow.. i am sad and sorrow..

12 Dec

aku jauhkan diri dari baca apa2 post kat facebook yg ckp pasal ‘pink and black’.. tomorrow is SSP 10year reunion dinner, tapi aku tak pegi. arghhh.. masa kitorg (hubby and me) decide tak pegi KL hari tu, mcm cool je, like i won’t be feeling like THIS. but now, i am talking to myself, “sabarlah”.

the reason y we cannot make it is.. simple je. no one can look after the baby toddler (who acts like a baby) when we’re not around..since we don’t want to leave Adam kat JB. Ajek too would be having the SAS reunion tomorrow.. (I heard TKC too, tomorrow).. ni semua kes masa tahun 1993, SBP masuk daftar sekolah sama2.

i could still remember my first day there. mama was engorged (dia baru lepas 18hari lahirkan Asyraf), so they could not stay long. they left right after i get my bed and locker. i was excited for the new school, i didn’t mind at all. 

ajek pun tadi tetiba rasa menggeletek nak pegi KL. for his reunion, maybe OK nak pegi tiba2 without any booking. in my case, the deadline was few weeks ago. itupun tak berani nak ckp “tak jadi pegi” to the committee, i was hoping that we could find a solution for the babysittng-y. 

if tetiba tomorrow morning, someone call “hey tuty, we have one seat available”, i would drag ajek to KL, tak kisah apa cara sekalipun. i dont care even i match the ‘pink and black’ code.. hhahah i would dress adam in Pink.  

girlfriends, do not update me about your dinner tomorrow.. tsk tsk..

ok la adam, esok kita bgn pagi pegi playground, okeyyy? adam pakai black, mama pakai pink.

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Posted by on December 12, 2008 in simply random


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