asthma during pregnancy

04 Jun

Asthma is a fairly common health problem for pregnant women, including some women who have never had it before. During pregnancy, asthma not only affects you, but it can also cut back on the oxygen your fetus gets from you. But this does not mean that having asthma will make your pregnancy more difficult or dangerous to you or your fetus. Pregnant women with asthma that is properly controlled generally have a normal pregnancy with little or no increased risk to themselves or their fetus.

Source: WebMD

ku tak ketahuan tentang ini. actually i am not sure whether what i am having now is asthma or not. *terfikir nak ponteng esok pegi klinik*..

apa aku tahu, aku mcm panic nak tarik nafas. nnt at certain ntah-bila2-time, rasa jantung berdegup cepat gila, aku akan terbatuk2 for like 5-7 minutes, i dont feel like i am breathing anyway. pastu ok. pastu lepas 10 mins, jadi balik. i know when adam had his asthma attack, but i do not know, does adam feels exactly like i do?

if its not asthma, alhamdulillah, but what is it?


Posted by on June 4, 2009 in simply random


4 responses to “asthma during pregnancy

  1. lovelyummi

    June 4, 2009 at 9:10 am

    take care beb!

  2. ashka

    June 5, 2009 at 6:30 am

    Masa aku pregnantkan akif dulu pun, ada few times terjaga tgh mlm sesak nafas mcm asthma.. Panic jugak, hehe

    • t.u-ty

      June 6, 2009 at 9:10 pm

      aku dah jumpa doktor, dia kata bukan asthma. kalau asthma lain. hahahha.. panic je lebey.

      dia kata jantung pump darah masa pregnant lebih byk. so mungkin itu sbbnya. tapi dia kata kalau risau, nnt bila sesak nafas lagi cepat2 terus pegi klinik.

  3. haz

    June 7, 2009 at 11:20 pm


    Yep. yep. Baru nak comment tapi tengok2 ko dah pegi doc dulu. 🙂 Kalau asthma dia cam dada ketat sket, nak breathe susah. Pastu wheezing2 … Takde pulak la selama ni aku ada heart palpitation pulak.. Hmm, anyways, congrats on ur 2nd baby! Take care.


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