8 weeks to go

09 Jul

“i am 29 weeks and 5 days pregnant” showed at the ticker.

round up = 30week. i have another  8 week (i am going to induce labor, since i have GDM). the project presentation would be that exact week. i might be asking for a few days delay from my gynae. nak pegi jugak presentation tu, kalau dia bagi la :D..

i am not working (again) today. adam refused to eat anything at all yesterday. not even his fav garde.nia twiggies. he throwed out his milk 5 mins after finishing them. so far, only the 4oz milk belum kluar yg dia minum kul 3 pagi tadi. doktor ckp demam biasa je. tp demam dia naik turun.. mak-mak ni kan kadang2 risau lebih2. i hope aku cuma risau lebih2 and takde apa yg teruk. if his condition gets worse today, i might going to the ho(spi)tel.


aku pagi tadi tak tau nak buat decision, pegi/tak pegi keje. why?

i have a boss who would cari pasal if aku tak dtg. aku penah tak dtg seminggu masa adam hospitalised. who wouldn’t do that? kalau aku ada maid, ye lah agaknya aku boleh bergilir. tell me, anak akan cari siapa masa sakit? adakah anda akan jadi seorang yg kejam dgn membiarkan dia mencari2 ibunya? then masa tu bila pneumonia adam tak ok2 lepas tukar antibiotik, aku minta unpaid 2minggu utk jaga adam. it was unpaid ok. the leave was approved.

a week after aku naik keje he keeps on cari salah aku. he keeps on asking me to do this and that. then he confronted me.. rupanya2 dia tak puas hati aku tak keje. wth?

jadi pagi2 ni aku dah berkira2, nak keje ke tidak. finally, aku putuskan tak payah keje. texted my subordinate tanya pasal semalam punya hal. thanks to nanad, she told me (another person told her), “cuti je kalau pasal family members. jgn nyesal kemudian”.. it makes me feel better.

insyaAllah, kalau takde halangan i am going to tender my resignation letter after my confinement period. i just could not work with the manager. i used to work with another kuku besi punya boss, she was like harimau lapar type of person. but, the harimau has a soft heart for her family. at least when i was with her, i know i have a future in that company. i can not see anything now. pegi keje balik keje tunggu hujung bulan gaji. that is no fun.


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3 responses to “8 weeks to go

  1. chech

    July 9, 2009 at 2:47 pm

    Harap Adam cepat sembuh. And family comes first, always :).

  2. mooke

    July 14, 2009 at 7:35 am

    Must be really tough to be juggling a 2nd pregnancy and adam. You hang in there tuty. Women’s rights material ni…we should be fighting for a 3 day week macam kat UK kalau pregnant/ada anak kecik.

  3. tuty

    July 14, 2009 at 10:45 pm

    mooke: ye ke 3day/week? ooooh best gila. pregnancy kali ni mmg letih compared to the previous one. maybe sbb adam selalu tak sihat, and if dia sihat, dia ada mcm2 idea utk main. skrg ni if i had to be alone with adam at home, i would ask aizec to send us to my parents/in-law house. tak larat~


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