I won!!

29 Jul

Last month Pa&Ma offered few vouchers from Bengkung Modern to be won. Since I know I would visiting the nursery di awal peringkat umur bayi kecil, so I want that bengkung so badly. I had started a small business at work to collect some money for the bengkung. hahahha tapi sbnrnya dah pakai buat beli barang baby jugak. but it’s ok, at least i know where the money goes.

Usually I would use my husband’s name. Sbb nama dia ada ong la. hahah sejak2 zaman belajar lagi, kalau guna nama dia mesti menang punya masuk contest. tapi tak menaruh harapan sgt la, sbb mesti ramai org masuk. ada slogan lagi. mmg tipis la kan.

tak semena2, smlm Ajek dpt surat from karangkraf! yahoo!!

sengih sengih!!

and today, i received another call. I won another contest. yeah!!

rezeki baby~ 🙂


i am had weird discharge since this evening, mcm campur darah sbb warna dia coklat2. ptg tadi mmg tak risau sgt, tp mlm ni ada lagi. so i guess esok kena gi klinik. i had the same conditions during the first pregnancy. bole tak nak duduk umah je takyah gi keje. letih!!

audit dah selesai. and guess wht, my subordinate made a very little silly mistake. aku pun silap sbb boleh tak perasan attachment salah. bos aku lagi la tak tau pape kan. ermm i hope that would not contribute to any demerit point. kalau betul kena demerit, i would be very sorry to my company.this is not ISO audit.. ni HQ punya audit. huhuhu.. well just wait and see until the final result which would be emailed from Japan 2 weeks from now. esok conclusion mtg, tunggu je la~

boss aku gelabah katak masa audit preparation ni. serious gelabah. because of his gelabah-ness, my tummy suffered – too much contractions. he did not consider my condition.. ada satu masa, aku baru je duduk kat evaluation room (ada la lebih kurang 50meter dari office), he called.

“tuty masuk jap, printkan dokumen”

bangang tak? he had the softcopy document which i just sent to him 3 minutes ago. and the network printer is just 10 steps away from his table. kertas semua ada. sbb dia bos ke buat camtu? i tried not to be racist, but.. he made me to be one. ok la, kalau dia busy sgt sampai tak boleh bgn pegi amik printed copies from the printer, there would be always passers by.

“pls bring that paper to me”.. boleh kan?

even the superior boss did the printing himself! i can go on forever la nak ckp.

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