Endless list

02 Aug

I woke up early today (dikirakan awal la sbb hari ni Ahad) to settle the laundry (lagi!!) and to fold the clothes. I wont be able to do that if Adam wakes up later. Everyone knows I hate fold-the-clothes-chore, but it has to be done.

-cuci kain
-lipat kain
-handwash baju baby (2nd round)
-handwash baju adam
-separate wash utk daddy’s white tshirt
-cuci telekung (2 pairs)

Hari ni pun nak pergi Gian.t.. The huggies jumbo pack is on sale until today. RM29+ for a pack, limited to 3 packs per customer. So Ajek would take 3 and I would take another 3. Phew~Itu la tak start CD utk Adam :D.. Adakah aku akan berjaya men-CD utk baby? One size diaper cover dah beli from niceclothdiaper. Sin Dee is such a helpful person.

Akan ke Te.sco juga utk mencari sedikit lagi barang. Te.sco dgn Gia.nt kat Plentong tu sebelah2 je. haha mcm satu JB aku nak round hari ni.

Bila nak masuk 2 anak nak dijaga ni, nampak sgt byknya duit akan ke diapers shj. I am so thankful I could BF my babies (insyaAllah), so at least dah kurang la expenses utk susu pulak. I would be grateful if Adam wants to nurse again.

I don’t know how would Adam react when he sees another small creature is cuddled by his mom. I keep on telling him every night that pls allow mama to put adik to sleep, pls allow mama to BF adik, pls be a good brother as he is already a good son.

Adam is a very nice boy, such a well-mannered one (if he is not lapar or ngantuk lah!).. Skrg ni bila2 dia ada kat blkg, dia nnt ‘picit2’ bahu. Nanti sikit2 cium pipi la, cium bahu la. But now he is more to daddy’s boy. Thank you sayang for making that happen! hahha

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