i am wide awake at 4.30am

18 Aug

la la la.. hujung minggu ni cukup 36 week. ok tuty, selamat maju jaya.

smlm first day pegi kerja, ok ok saje. sepatutnya smlm busy tapi biasa la production schedule ada masalah, so are we, delayed for one day. aku harusnya bersyukur sbb bila ptg aku dah ting tong, gula naik. blood sugar sgt susah nak control, susah sgt! i can not even drink ‘kurang manis’.. nasi or white bread mmg terus naik, takde diskaun2 dah.

i think i need to see the in-house doctor tomorrow, i need her advice. aku sgt takut baby besar, takut kena c-sect. apa2 pun, i just need to be ready, kan?

oiit lapar! jap lagi la turun bawah prepare bekal.

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Posted by on August 18, 2009 in simply random


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