good morning sunshine~

24 Aug

glucose level: 6.9mmol/dL

matahari pun belum kluar habis, aku dah terfikir apa nak masak. Rasa2 mcm nak buat sandwich je hari ni. Smlm punya mknn mmg terlebih2. Ralat rasa tak dpt habiskan mknn. If I’m not diabetic, I would try to eat them. What was for my sahur? Roti jala semalam 2 keping, merasa hujung sudu nasi goreng, hot cocoa, and bergelas2 air. Itu pun dah 6.9.. Smlm mesti dkt 10 punya sbb tu berpinar terus kepala. Errr I hope boleh bertahan la hari ni. Tapi ada gaya tak tahan. (I wonder kenapa cheese naan aku mkn hari tu ok? tak sakit kepala etc)

I am wondering if Ajek could bring me to somewhere very soothing and comforting. I couldn’t walk too much, and he is not too keen to bring me out these days (because of the swine flu). I couldn’t eat any (my list of) ‘comfort’ food. I want to go out and have this ‘nyaman’ feeling. Rasa mcm dah kena confinement. Masa dlm pantang dulu pun, aku happy mkn mcm2. Ini dgn penangan bulan puasa, nak buat kuih buah melaka pun susah hati. Sabar Tuty.

More glucose monitoring should be done even after the confinement period. In case I want to conceive again, I need to make sure that the glucose level is very good, so I could have better control during the (next) pregnancy. Masa tua nnt pun ada risk. hmmm I shall sign up for insurance/takaful right away. 😀

Ajek is addicted to FB. I’m started to think that he might post my labor room pic to his wall using his mobile phone. Itu ok lagi, kalau2 tgh meneran dia amik gambar? hahahha itu cari nahas namanya.

One more appointment, one more weekend. But I want to go out before the day. Bukan pegi Tesco ye cik Abang?

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One response to “good morning sunshine~

  1. Lady K

    August 25, 2009 at 1:24 pm

    Takaful tu, I like! 😛


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