testing mama’s patience limit

23 Oct

i think aidan had selsema but his body is not feverish. so i think its ok for me not to rush to any GP tonite as Ajek is not at home, it would be serabut for me to drive at night with 2 boys crying out so loud.

adam was so sleepy because he did not sleep all day. according to the babysitter, he played all day long from the moment i sent him until i picked him in the evening.

so i have 2 cranky boys at home. one that is unwell and another one is super duper sleepy.

fed the sleepy one with one hand and breastfed the unwell with other hand. in between, i suap myself because i was so hungry. i think they made me hungry.

then the sleepy adam asked for milk, yippee yay for me (do not get excited too soon eh) i thought. after 2 bottles of milk, adam still terbuka mata dgn luas tp meminta perhatian sepenuhnya. adam even coax me to bring his 0.5m-long car on bed, of course i said NO. aidan was asleep at the breast but decided to cry when i put him down.

aidan finally asleep at 10pm, leaving me with adam to cuddle. we fell asleep in each other arms in front of tv then suddenly i heard someone cry. i thought i was sleeping with aidan, so i tepuk2 la the one beside me. eh?

i ran like hell to the room to find my baby crying so loud. why aidan why?  i am so sorry, mama had the thought to scold you just now. i just dont know how to handle you. i held you in your fave positions but you arched your body away from me. you even refused to be fed.

you should say you want to sleep on your tummy. *sigh*


Posted by on October 23, 2009 in adam, aidan, mama adam writes, simply random


2 responses to “testing mama’s patience limit

  1. lian

    October 24, 2009 at 1:28 am

    Kak tuty,^,^ it feels so great to read ur storiess being a mummy of 2 =) mesti bestkan having 2 babies with ya =) + aidan so tembam! hehe i think adam more to u bile da besar ni hehe

    • tuty

      October 26, 2009 at 8:51 am

      lian, its great to have kids when they are in their bestest mood. kalau salah time, dedua tgh demand for attention, rasa nak belah dua bg sorang satu suhdiorg duk diam2.
      tp bila diorg takde, sunyi pulak 😛


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