07 Nov

Walaupun hari ni dimulakan dgn kurang best sbb kaum bapa itu marah menyinga diwaktu pagi, tp aku redha je la, it was my mistake anyway. Semua lauk aku simpan tp tak simpan sayur seperiuk. Smlm takde org mkn, except me. tu pun sekali je.

He was really angry because I did not keep the sayur in the fridge before sleep last night. And maybe dia marah sbb lain jugak. I was at this close to cancel the family outing today. But if i do that, the singa will turn into dinasour, so I just keep my mouth shut and iyakan semuanya.

The first few hour was killing me. Adam did not want to sit in the car, he ended terbalik jatuh. He cried and almost muntah in the car. I know if Adam puke that time, we’ll be dead or I will just pretend dead.

First, my husband went to his supplier to pick his job-related item. Then he went to his office, also to pick up something. There he encountered some problem with the wiring at the premise, the lady with his 2 boys waited anxiously, patiently, IN THE CAR FOR ALMOST 2 HOUR. Paham2 je la mana ada budak bole duk diam? My tudung was one of Adam’s play item.

Tarik nafas, hembusssss. Tarik hembussss. Daddy masuk kete kejap pun I did not care to ask him to de-MUTE the radio. Bukan takut, tp malas nak dgr if dia marah2 lagi. He seemed marah btw. Actually I was not so sure that was an angry face or his serious-at-work face. But what I know is, the expression was not pleasant.

hahaha.. luckily I brought a whole buku roti of butterscotch bread. That was just enough to make Adam fill his tummy. Else, I’ll pretend dead, again. Aidan at the other hand, dah mula resah sbb kena pegang lama sgt.

I was a ugly mama in the car. Ugly. Messy.

Jeng jeng.. husband came with his smile face. *aku blur*
Betul ke ni? Where was the monster, mama?

Off we went to shopping mopping. I had de-register ‘shopping’ in my head after what happen before. I took time to re-register.

Baru mood nak ON, Aidan dah takleh nak handle ketidaksukaannya dgn shopping mall. Oh Aidan, you should know this is where mama spent her free time spending money and energy. You’ll fall in love with shopping mall, you know.

I wanted to find a pair of pretty heels, but Ajek wanted to treat me with kasut buaya. Arghhh the boutique’s choices for female buaya very limited. Takde size 6, serious!! Yg ada cuma Mary Jane yg sama mcm aku punya, tp dah bakal di-tong-sampahkan je.

I wanted to buy underwire-nursing-bra, but the shop did not have my size, or any size slightly larger. The SA was so silly to memberi cadangan satu size Dolly Parton, because it was one of the size available. Dik, I am no DIVA.

never mind, husband could always treats his wife.

senangnya nak rasuah aku? dah tak marah dah?

hahah.. thanks husband for today’s shopping treat. Thanks for paying, that’s the important part. 😀

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Posted by on November 7, 2009 in adam, aidan


One response to “Happy!

  1. nannoor

    November 8, 2009 at 10:25 am

    aku boleh memahami perasaan apabila melihat muka kelat husband kita. tapi muka husband aku jarang kelat. muka aku je selalu kelat. hahaha


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