Trio at home

08 Nov

My husband left for Muar and later to KL this morning. He’ll be away for 2 days. I dont mind being left alone at home with the boys during weekdays, but today is SUNDAY!

Usually I would prepare everything, from cleaning the house to cooking early in the morning, before Adam or Aidan get up. Unfortunately, today the lil brother wanted to help mama with the laundry. He screamed his lungs out calling for me. A few seconds later I heard, “Maaa.. atek ma. Maaaaaaa”.. Ouch, the little hero tried to rescue his brother. *manalah mama ni tak naik2*

Hmmm.. there goes my morning. So I fixed a simple breakfast for Adam, and babysit them both until noon. When they both fall asleep at noon. I pun kelentang kelentung making lunch. Oh simple je mkn without daddy. Kita boleh mkn dpn tv kan, Adam?

Adam is getting better. His lips pecah2 sbb tak cukup air. There’s a lot of merah2 spots at his inner lips. Bila bgn tadi dia ckp “ma, akit”. What I could do is applying some gel at the lips, he would feel numb at the area. Then he could eat. Sikit pun jadi la.

When my husband called, dia tanya “ok tak hari ni?”
I answered, “ok je. cuma jgn rush kalau buat kerja, diorg mesti lagi sungguh2 tak bg buat kerja.”
So true, abaikan je gelandangan dlm rumah tadi.

Kerja Adam hari ni:
*pinch his brother while he is sleeping/nursing.
*playing with remote controls – masuk keluar dlm laci
*playing with the DVD player – cuba masukkan perkara2 yg tak patut kat DVD tray.
*kemas rumah.. ehem.. – dia lap perabot guna baby wipes!

Its fun to see Adam playing with anything around him. Td sblm tdo jumpa kereta kecik. Puas dia buat trek atas adik sekali.

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Posted by on November 8, 2009 in adam, aidan


One response to “Trio at home

  1. cik aten

    November 10, 2009 at 9:44 pm

    haha.. klakar le adam.. rndu nye kt adam n aidan. ble nk blk kangkar pulai?


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