Cutest Baby Smiling

05 Dec

Wow.. Ok, this is my first attempt to participate in baby photo contest conducted by MomBloggersPlanet. In fact baru je join MBP bulan lepas kut.. tu pun setelah seronok tgk org lain masuk contest kat situ.

Ok let see. This is my first baby (which is not so baby anymore).

Name: Adam Zufar Zakwan bin Zairul Aizec

DOB: 18/10/2007

Should I have a reason why I love seeing him smiling ear to ear? I just love his smile.

-Adam smiles a lot!

-He has a lot of smile type. This one in the picture is his ‘buat muka kiut’ smile.

-He even have this ‘jeling’ smile, just for the sake of mengurat. Seriously!

-His smile melts my heart. All the tired-ness and anger just go directly into the drain upon seeing his smile. His angelic smile.

-His ‘i love you’ smile is bundled with closed eyes and a big hug towards his little brother.

-I could not take away my eyes from him whenever he starts his ‘naughty smile’. It is when he wants to feed his milk to his little BF baby while smiling towards me and ready to run away when I try to chase him.

-He uses his smile as a protection towards daddy after he’s done with’ messy time’.

-He will smile more if he sees awesome pretty bags from Alice Wonders and perfectly printed photos by PhotoBook.

-I’ll make sure  that he would give a lovely smile if he wins the Cutest Smiling Baby Contest.

Now, I’m smiling. Dah berangan nak menang. 😀

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