the good thing and the very good one

14 Dec

the good : annual bonus would be in early January. then, QA engineer is history.

the best one: our wedding anniversary is coming, and i think i know what to do, this time. ahhh dah 3 thn pun ni baru boleh fikir mcm best sikit. i hope he could bear with me with this ‘surprise’. ok darling? 😀

aidan is getting better today. pagi2 aku dah buat conclusion, aidan mcm adam – nipple confuse. so i bear with it all day long. i need to calm him first them offer my finger, baru la boleh susukan.

sampai rumah, ada pacifier free sbb beli sterilizer hari tu, lebih hygenic dari guna jari. comel pun ye jugak.

pastu ptg td dia buang air + buang angin.. terus molek. tak yah nak pancing2 dulu.

sakit perut rupanya aidan.. hmmm sian baby

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Posted by on December 14, 2009 in simply random


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