NC issue and Jaja’s wedding

27 Dec

breastfeeding is supposed to be easy
but nipple confuse had driving me crazy
it doesn’t help when i act like a chimpanzee
when aidan cries that doesn’t rhyme with ABC

adam at the other hand is so active
only in sleep i could see him passive
i let him play so he get to be more creative
one day he’ll become a great man, i believe

dushhh.. i could see nipple confuse were coming directly to me actually. aidan is using pacifier when i go to work. babysitter said that he behaves so good. of course la kan.

i think i’ll just say no to her this coming week. i just cannot tolerate with aidan crankiness anymore. enough, i have 2 bf babies with nipple confusion issue. with aidan’s stronger voice.. you know how it feels like when calming a hungry baby. whoaa

dont you think it had something to do with ‘feeding technique’ that makes both of my boys having the same NC issue? tak tahu lah mcm mana. but i had to bear with this for at least 2 month, sampai Aidan pandai tunjuk sendiri nak minum susu. NC pun tebal je pipi dia. so geram.


we went to shazree+tasha’s wedding reception at pj hilton yesterday night. despite their cannot sit still behaviour, adam and aidan behaved so well through-out the dinner. thanks babies! aidan who has been fed (with tremendous effort in the car before the dinner started), fell asleep by himself. adam pulak, surprisingly tiba-tiba kamcheng dgn uncle Joe yg tak pernah jumpa tu, even during my pregnancy. (Joe was Ajek’s schoolmate, i knew him when he worked at UTM as a research asst sekejap).

it was good to see familiar faces during the wedding. i met Shu, my junior in SSP. dia yg tegur. tp tak amik gambar pulak, i was busy chasing adam played ‘football’ in the hall. Shu is Tasha’s cousin. keciknya dunia. shazree pulak ajek’s SAS-UTM friend. pelik pulak i address him as shazree. in fact i called him Jaja selama ni..

we shared the table with Din and his girlfriend; Aleh with his wife and 5mo baby; Joe; and another friend of theirs with his wife. Adam had his own seat, goodness. Thanks Tasha and Jaja for inviting us. You made us shopping yesterday evening.

we are going to the groom’s side pulak today. maybe i got to meet Alysha there. tp kalau aidan cranky hari ni, kalau tak pergi.. aku dah tak rasa guilty sbb smlm dah pergi. 😀 but i know ajek mesti nak pergi punya la!!

Congratulations to Jaja and Tasha. Tasha was so pretty.. even without the make-ups pun dah cantek kan, apa lagi jadi princess. 🙂 the groom? Jaja looked good in tux. of course he had to look that good, because he is marrying a pretty beautiful princess. 😀

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Posted by on December 27, 2009 in simply random


One response to “NC issue and Jaja’s wedding

  1. ayyub

    December 27, 2009 at 4:55 pm

    funny, i was at jaja’s wedding in melawati. jaja’s my primary schoolmate. and aleh was there, carrying sharafuddin around on his belly, mingling with people. btw, aleh is my ‘eating’mate in bangi…


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