a week of internet-less

17 Jan

grrr… susah la jugak takde internet. hahaha

tapi tak la terasa sangat sbb sibuk dgn kerja kat opis and ajek tak de kat rumah, left me with 2 attention seekers at home. aidan would settle early, sekitar jam 8.30mlm.. and pastu sibuk suap adam mkn. or if aidan behaves well, adam would have his dinner early, then the three of us would stay in the room. doing everything. hihihi

SIL was kind enough to come and eat with us every night when ajek was not around. it really helps if aidan couldn’t sleep, so i have extra hands to play with adam. everynight he demanded BOB (spongebob), which his daddy had downloaded the series. so hari2 la dia dgn khusyuknya tgk bob. time tu la settlekan botol2 aidan, cuci pinggan mangkuk. hmm i do not wake up in the middle of the night anymore, what i did when adam was small. skrg i tdo awal ok. mmg lena.

the internet connection was ok yesterday. terus check certain blogs. haha nampak sgt mcm mak cik kepoh kan? 😛

we were supposed to go out today to local supermarket/ to get supplies: milk and disposable diapers. but we were to happy at home, no one wanted to go out. hahhaha.. only ajek and adam get o play at the playground. ajek joined the volleyball game, and adam played sendiri2. sedar2 adam balik rumah, asking for ‘ball’. when i searched high and low for his blue rubber ball, then he said ‘kal’ (basikal). i thought ajek asked him to get his bicycle.

rupanya, adam balik rumah sendiri nak main basikal lepas tgk budak2 main basikal. adam bukan pandai pun nak kayuh sendiri.. mama la jugak tolak basikal tu sambil dukung adik. adodoiii..

laparnya. beras habis. kitorg tgh habiskan stok beras ponni. beras tu mmg fluffy.. tapi cepat benar lapar balik. tu saki baki beras aku mkn masa ngandung dulu, almaklum la.. diabetes. hahaha

tak sabar betul nak tunggu 3rd of march.

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