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05 Mar

finally, after berbulan2 memikirkan nak berenti ke tidak, sampai gak ke titik akhir kat situ. lega. i dont feel sad at all. hati keras kut? lepas 4thn lebih, almost 5 actually.

ada sikit rasa ‘pelik’ bgn pagi tak rush. haha tu je la. other than that, ok je. i am too happy to be a full-time mama i guess. today is my 2nd day at home. semalam i was with aidan only, he was feverish in the morning. both of the boys mcm sakit perit since that night but only aidan caught with fever.

we sent adam to the bbsitter. boleh pengsan if jaga adam together with si demam. the elder will ask for attention and si demam needs the attention. dgn berjaya men-CD kan aidan kat rumah. sbb diapers dah surut and dia byk kali poo. sian dia.

hey aidan has started solid. i tried baby cereal. ok blame  my malas-ness. nak cepat kan. 3-days solid, 3-days nangis2. smlm sah dia tak boleh mkn cereal tu. remember that he’s a colic baby, so mmg kembung la smlm.

today, we’ll try pureed pumpkin ok. i’ve tried sweet ripe banana, aidan tasted it as if the banana mcm masam gile. muka kecut2. hahahha but he still demands the food everytime aku lambat suap. compared to adam, aidan eats better at his age. hahahahha aku tak doubt aidan mmg boleh mengatasi saiz adam.

adam at the other hand, tak mahu mkn. aduhaii.. what he wants is, mi, mihun, pasta etc. nasi sikit je. 2 suap will enough to make him.. full? hahhaha rasanya sbb dia dah ligat nak main. ho ho ho.. then dgn muka luka. luka? he is allergic with something, something that we could not figure out what is was. so muka naik bintat2 mcm jerawat.. it’s gatal, so he scratched. then luka. bila luka kering dia kopek2. dari kecik sampai benda tu jadi besar. kat tepi mulut dgn bwh hidung. mmg tak hensem.

dah la kurus, muka luka, mcm kena dera je anak mama nih. hmm hmmm..

meh share skit gambar during my last day.. (aku kena kurus lagi nih.. muka bolat bolat)

meja yg dah clear..

org2 pertama in that section.. i am proud actually

org2 pertama section. i am proud to be one of the team

supposed to-be-white anti static shoes

supposed to-be-white anti-static shoes

ofis yg busy memanjang. kalau dtg pagi or lewat ptg baru la nampak kemas. time tgh2 keje semua naik atas meja. haha

altuty at work! preparing audit samples to japan. pheww it was not easy.

i am qualified?! ha ye lah, i do the work, i made the cards, of course la kena qualified. haha that reminds me that the pengganti kena buat skill test utk last year and this year. haha

my wall paper - aidan

nama ku di mana-mana

last day!

they brought a cake for me.. i'm touched.. ya, i love you guys too..

they even prepared the satay.. huuuuuuuuu.. part ni mmg terharu ok

kepala-kepala pemberontak kat QA

i brought carrot cake..

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