SAHM: a review

13 Mar

ohoo.. title entry yg mcm serious gile. hahahahhaha

as a full time working mom, i never had the chance to sit and see my babies 24hour a day for the whole 7 days. never. maternity leave and MC tolak tepi, because during those times, i sent my babies to the babysitter or i have extra hands to play with the kids because i was not fit to take care both of them.

since i quit my 8-6 job (yes, 8 to 6 if lucky. kalau tak 8 to 8, or maybe 8 to 10), i asked a time off from my husband to be a temporary stay at home mom. little did i know, i t took some of my kesabaran away for the first couple of days. the eldest wanted the attention, make the noise, run and jump everywhere. bila kena marah, he’ll turn himself to a cranky brother. while the younger one, wanted the calm room to nurse, or he’ll not be able to sleep thus turning him into a cranky baby. when i have 2 cranky boys, i would turn myself into a cranky mom too.

home cook food, folded clothes, clean floor, neat toys.. it was challenging! if one day i fold the clothes, then tomorrow i’ll skip the laundry and clean the floor, the day after i’ll do something else. hahahha.. serabut i tell you, but i like it. bukan tak pernah babysit kids. when i was form 3 and form 5, i have to stay at home after the exam to jaga my little brothers and sisters who were as little as 6 month and 2 year old. exactly mcm adam and aidan skrg. i cook, i clean the floor, i do everything. ha ha ha tp masa tu takde kisah pun? siap hari2 selak majalah saji my mom sbb nak ‘masak lain hari ni’. now, aku bukak pc pun sama.. sbb ‘nak masak lain hari ni’.

seronoknya seminggu lebih jadi SAHM.

i could see adam’s development yg selama ni aku tak perasan. aku tak perasan bila dia boleh buat shape sorting blocks tu sendiri. selama ni aku tolong sbb dia asyik ckp, “mana mama? ni mana mama?”.. tp hari tu i just let him play while i layan the adik. sedar2 he had finished sorting the blocks. oo really? i am so proud. maybe he’s little late to achieve this, but he had achieve it. that is more important. watching him play, makes me a proud mama. seriously. listening to his conversations with aidan, aduhh hati ini sayu~. he’s a very good brother. kalau dia ‘buat adik’ tu sbb dia tak sengaja. he still unable to control the strength of tepuk2 adik. last2 jadi slap slap adik. hahahaha

aidan has started to attempt crawling. at 6 month? wow..  adam wasn’t near that at 6 month. aidan could sit now if i put him to a sitting position. he’s a loud baby. he laughs out loud and that comes with a bonus; he cries even louder. as I’ve written in previous entries, he’s such an easy baby. he loves playing with adam. everything that adam does, he’ll be fascinated by them. adam dances, he laughs. adam jumps, he laughs. adam talks, he laughs. adam eats, he watches as if i would feed him the same mee goreng. hahaha

adam listens to me, better than before. i could give him reasons why i could not allow him to play at noon, he’ll understands. when he asked for (sponge)bob, i could tell him that , “bob belum ada, nanti ptg baru ada”, or he’ll say, “mama (shaun the) sheep abis?”. sebelum ni? semua kena ikut ckp dia, kalau dah abis.. mesti ada jugak. eventho we have the downloaded spongebob series, but i try  to limit his spongebob session. i am overdose with the yellow sponge already.

until yesterday, everything is better than the first day of SAHM. adam could play alone while i take care of the little brother. he’ll agree with shaun the sheep, mickey mouse, pooh or anything else. no more “mama nak bob!!” at the top of his lungs anymore.

take care my boys. mama will start to work next monday. i will miss playing with you my little pumpkins.


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3 responses to “SAHM: a review

  1. nisa

    March 15, 2010 at 2:20 pm

    kak tuty ke mana plak pasni?

    • t.u-ty

      March 15, 2010 at 11:28 pm

      tolong2 mana patut bg extra hands at the company that feed us selama ni. working with inlaw’s.

  2. syahnana

    March 16, 2010 at 10:02 am

    same here… not the SAHM part, but the pat-turn-to-slap part. memula perlahan, then bila geram…pap pap pap. adoyai, mama dia yg jerit.


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